What kind of hot dogs are out there?

Americans love their hot dogs. From street carts and ball parks to restaurants and barbecues, hot dogs are everywhere. But depending on what city you’re visiting in the US, you may be surprised by what toppings you find on your hot dog. Just like sports fans are loyal to their city’s teams, people also feel the same way about their city’s hot dogs. Here are seven cities who are loyal to their unique hot dog.


A Chicago style hot dog includes yellow mustard, bright “neon” green relish, fresh tomato, pickle spears, sweet onion and hot peppers.

New York

A New York style hot dog includes yellow or spicy brown mustard and either sauerkraut or sautéed onions.


A Detroit hot dog (also known as a Michigan Coney) includes beefy chili, shredded cheddar cheese and raw onion.

Kansas City

A Kansas City hot dog includes melted Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing on top.


An Atlanta hot dog includes a creamy and crunchy coleslaw.


A Tucson hot dog includes a bacon-wrapped dog, pinto beans, grilled peppers and onions, chopped fresh tomatoes, jalapenos, mustard, mayo and shredded cheese.


A Newark hot dog includes an Italian roll rather than the typical bun and is topped with peppers, onions and fried potatoes.

And there’s our seven city favorites. There are even more areas throughout the US that have different types of hot dogs. For example, did you know San Francisco has a BLT based dog and Milwaukee’s includes a hard roll instead of a bun? Each region has its own quirky twist on one of America’s most beloved foods. What’s your favorite kind of hot dog?