Weirdest Hot Dog Toppings

If you’re bored of the same old hot dog toppings, give these funky variations a try: Dorito Dog It is not uncommon for people to put chips on a sandwich, but put them on a hot dog? That’s correct. A glorious barbeque style creation that is drizzled with BBQ sauce and topped with crushed Doritos, […]

Hot Dog Snack Recipes

If you love hot dogs as much as we do, then you know there’s no such thing as too many hot dog recipe ideas. And we’ve got some delicious ones If you’re looking for a hot dog based snack for your next barbeque or summer party. Mini Corn Dog Muffins – If you like the […]

Why is ketchup a big no to hot dog connoisseurs?

Before you squeeze a red-sauced zigzag over your all American sausage, you may want to reevaluate your hot dog etiquette. An un-Chicagoan use of condiments may just get you ridiculed at your local wiener joint. But why the big fuss over mustard versus ketchup? The ways of the wiener are not simply a tradition. The […]

Unique Hot Dog Toppings

Let’s be frank: Ketchup, mustard and relish are the classic hot dog toppings, but they can get boring. There are a ton of fun and unique ways to garnish your hot dog and below are 10 of our favorite ideas. Bacon wrapped hot dogs—Enough said. Nacho dogs—Nacho cheese, refried beans and jalapenos make up this […]